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Burlesque Vibe Dance Performance Company


Burlesque Vibe Dance Performance Company is a new and exciting project with weekly rehearsals and regular burlesque dancing performances in and  around London.

Our Dance Company is perfect for those who may have some dance experience and would enjoy to shine on the stage.

Every week we will:

-learn choreographies 

-practice and learn techniques

-have 30 min of stretching session to develope flexibility

-build confidence 

-increase fitness level

So if you feel like putting on a fabulous outfit and be a star, sign up for x burlesque trial lesson.

If interested email us and book your place  valeria@burlesquevibe.co.uk

Burlesque Class Price: £15/hour 

Date & Time: Every Saturday 2pm to 3pm 

Performace Company Price: £50/month

Date & Time: Every Saturday 3pm to 5pm

Company Page https://www.facebook.com/burlesquevibeeZ/

Venue: Cable Street Studios

566 Cable Street, E1W 3HB

Burlesque Class Price: £15/hour

Date & Time: Every Monday 8pm to 9pm 

Location: Dance Company Studios

Croydon, 76 High Street, Beckenham, BR3 1E1E

Other dates available for private classes. Private classes have to be booked 2 weeks in advance prior.

Burlesque Workshop


Dear showgirl did you know you are EVERYTHING! You can reclaim your dreams and step into your immense power at the click of your fingers, a swish of your hair, and a stamp of your  rubby slipper. 

Join our workshop, feel yourself a Goddess. Bring your sexiest outfit you dare to wear, your sexiest heels and naughtiest attitude  . 

Next Burlesque Workshop 

😍Date & Time

Sunday, 28t October,2018

TTime -12.00 to 14.00

😍Location TBC

😍Price £15

💖To book the workshop, just book as a normal 1 hour class session, only choose the correct date. 

Burlesque Vibe Library

Burlesque Vibe Show At Bar Rumba


Sparkling O Trio girls mesmerized crowed with their beauty and talent at Burlesque Vibe show on the 7th of March. And they are hungry for more.

Contortion Performance At Burlesque Vibe Show


Beautiful contortionists All Magical Circus really amased us at our Burlesque Vibe show on the 7th of March. Their routine was choreographed by world famouse contortionist Pixie Le Knot.

Ruby Deshabille At Burlesque Vibe Show


She is a performer! She is dancer! She is pure beauty! And most of all she is fabulous burlesque dancer who performed at Burlesque Vibe show on 7th of March in our new venue Bar Rumba

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Director/Choreographer Valeria Barbulesku

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